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About the Social Media App

The Social Media application is built using the Application Development Framework (ADF).


The Social Media application provides a tool to allow your organizations social media live data streams from your Facebook Pages, your Instagram posts, your Twitter accounts and targeted Twitter keyword searches, your YouTube Channels and your WordPress blog posts to be combined in various configurations to be displayed in one or in various strategic locations on your CommonSpot site.

  • Any number of supported social media accounts can be setup in the app
  • Ready-made render handlers are provided to display your social media streams and can be updated to display your streams in any way you see fit
  • Posts can be moderated/filtered using either a blacklist or a whitelist
  • Social media feeds can be pulled on a regular basis and cached for display purposes to avoid exceeding API quota limits


ADF Library components that are required for the Calendar application:

  • CEData_1_1
  • CSData_1_1
  • Data_1_1
  • Date_1_1
  • Forms_1_1
  • UI_1_0
  • Scripts_1_1
  • JSON

App v1.2 and higher also requires:

  • CSContent_1_0
  • Scheduler_1_0
  • Utils_1_1

The ADF 1.5.x must be configured correctly for your site. The Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) wiki page has instructions for configuration.


The Social Media application contains the following:

  • Custom Coding - various components and scripts.
  • Custom Fields:
    • Video Size Calculator Field

Note: Elements may contain one or more: Render Handlers or Custom Field Types. They do NOT use Display Templates.

Pre-installation Considerations

The Application Development Framework (ADF) must be setup and configured on the server for the site that will be implementing the Social Media application. For detailed instructions follow the ADF Overview wiki page for Site Configurations.

This installation guide assumes that you have no Custom Elements and/or Metadata Forms with the names above. Before the install, remove any Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names listed in the "Contents" section above. (If you do not remove existing elements with these names, you may have difficulties during the installation.)

Installation Guides

Current Release Version:

IMPORTANT: The above versions of this application require ADF 2.5 or greater and CommonSpot 10.5.2 or 10.6.1 or greater.

Previous ADF 2.4.x Versions:

IMPORTANT: The 'ADF 2.4.x Versions' of this application require ADF 2.0 to 2.4.x and CommonSpot 10 up to 10.5.1 or 10.6

Previous ADF 1.8 Version:

IMPORTANT: v2.x of this application requires ADF 1.6 or greater. ADF 1.8.x is recommended.

Previous ADF 1.x Versions:

IMPORTANT: v2.x of this application requires ADF 1.6 or greater
IMPORTANT: v1.x of this application requires ADF 1.5 or greater

Getting Started Guide


The social media application provides the following features:

Known Issues/Bugs

Found a bug, view the PT Social Media Issues page. Your issue not on the list? Then post it so the issue can be addressed.