PT Social Media Version 3.1 Release Notes

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We are proud to release v3.1 of PT Social Media Stream App to the Community.

Version 3.1 is compatible with the ADF 2.0 or greater and CommonSpot 10 or greater.

If installing the PT Social Media app for the first time, please follow the PT Social Media v3.1 Install Guide.


  • Significant updates to have it work with CommonSpot's Facebook integration.
  • Significant updates to have it work with CommonSpot's YouTube integration.
  • Added and updated code and logic to use CommonSpot's Instagram integration (via Facebook integration).
  • Reworked the previous post moderation functionality to now allow for blacklisting or whitelisting posts.
  • Facebook posts now will display a proper thumbnail whether or not the post is an original post or if it was shared from another Facebook user.
  • When using Feed Cache, included building of Instagram posts.
  • Updated zip file with updated custom field type files.
  • Based on the social_media_combined_stream_rh.cfm render handler, displays the social media posts in a carousel.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted all instances of generated JS so that it would be added using the CS resource loading framework and so that jQuery would be in noConflict mode.
  • Updated getFacebookFeed and getFacebookPageInfo - Updated list of fields to call due to Facebook API 3.3 deprecations.
  • Adjusted twitter URLs to be https.
  • Corrected typo in function name deleteSocialMediaCache and updated references throughout code.
  • Updated how we load the configured ui_theme to be more resilient.
  • Added the IsRealDate() function which is a fix for ColdFusion's IsDate() to make sure that 'dateStr' isn't just a simple number.
  • Reformatted socialmedia.css for easier reading, fixed CSS typos.