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CommonSpot contains a set of out-of-the box APIs that allows you to:

  • create pages
  • upload images
  • upload documents
  • create subsites
  • populate textblock elements
  • populate custom elements
Note: For more about the CommonSpot CCAPI refer to the CS Developers Guide

The CCAPI Library Component is designed to "sit on top" of the standard CommonSpot CCAPI. The goal of the CCAPI Libaray Components is to make easier for you to populate content in CommonSpot programmatically.

This page outlines the components contained within the CCAPI Library Components and gives links to detailed pages about how to use those components.

CCAPI details

The CCAPI Libaray Component is a bit different than other Library Components in that it is more like an Application than a library component. The CCAPI is actually a series of components in combination with a configuration file that piggybacks on top of the Application Configuration at the Site Level (XML) framework. Below is a list of the Components located in the /ADF/lib/ccapi/ directory and what they are used for.



Note: Refer to the CommonSpot Developers Guide for information on how to configure the
standard CommonSpot Content Creation API. The ADF CCAPI will not work if the CommonSpot
Content Creation API is not configured correctly.


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