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ADF is not reseting

Make sure you're logged into the site. The IF block in the custom-application.cfm code requires the user to be logged into the site to reset the ADF. See the Reset ADF wiki page for more info.

ADF Applications AppBeanConfig is not updating the sites Application variables

Check that you do not have multiple copies of the AppBeanConfig anywhere in the apps directory. Ensure that you don't have any AppBeanConfig backup or old files under the apps directory. The AppBeanConfig sets an appBeanName variable, so if you have multiple files being called only the last file executed will load in application space.

How can I see the beans in my object factory?

To view all the beans in the object factory do a CF dump of the bean configuration structure:

<cfdump var="#server.ADF.beanConfig.getConfigStruct()#" label="ADF Bean Config" expand="false">

What is the ADF Library Component versioning schema?

The ADF version schema is based on major_minor_revisions.

See the ADF Library Component Versions wiki page for details on ADF versioning schema.

Changes to your application components are not seen

If you use the "ResetServerADF" and "ResetApplicationADF" parameters and changes to your Application components are still not seen try the following:

  1. Make sure that the code in your application component is correct
  2. Make sure that you are logged into CommonSpot (Reset parameters don't function unless you are logged in)

Error calling CSContent.populateContent()

If you receive an error like:

Element elementType is undefined in a Java object of type class com.paperthin.common.serialization.XMLDecoratedMap. 

Make sure that you have created your ccapi.xml CCAPI Config correctly. You are probably missing the "<elementType>" xml node.

Application Level Configuration Data not loaded

If you place an .xml file in your sites /_cs_apps/config directory but the variables you define do not appear in #server.ADF.environment[]# then:

  1. You may have a mall formed XML file
  2. The value for "rootDir" in the ServerSites Table (from the CommonSpot-Sites database) does not match your site folder structure

ADF Reset is throwing an error when loading a component that was deleted

This usually occurs when you update the ADF applications App Bean Config to remove a reference to a component. Check all your sites that are running a site level App Bean Config. It is likely one of those config files has a reference to the deleted component. See the Application Site Customization for additional information.

ColdFusion Error Msg: Element ADF_APP_NAME is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.

The ADF_APP_NAME is not in the /ADF/apps/ directory. This error results when the ADF.cfc for the site is attempting to load an ADF application that is not in the ADF. See the Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) wiki page for more info.

ColdFusion Error Msg: Element logging is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.

If you attempt to use any of the components of the CCAPI and you receive this error it is because either:

  1. You do not have the correct configuration - see CCAPI for more info or
  2. The configuration file has not been loaded - try reloading the ADF.

Method not found error

If you choose to extend a CFC for an Application written in the ADF at the site level (see Site Level Customizations) and you receive a "Method not found" error - be sure to check the CFC you have in your sites /_cs_apps/... directory - it MUST extend the original CFC from the application

Element Class is not defined

When calling the CCAPI for any of the actions, you may receive this error:

The value of CLASS attribute is invalid.

Be sure that you have a "ccapi.xml" file located in your sites /_cs_apps/config/ directory and that it is configured correctly.

Note: The path to the config file is controlled via the following code:


The variable: can sometimes be different if you have "/" ColdFusion mapping which goes to a different location.

Custom Element CCAPI fails with No DB Record Found

If you are having trouble using the Content Creation API to update a Custom Element and your populate_content_error.log file in the /commonspot/logs/ directory has the following entries:

Error recorded: Invalid pageid/pageName.  No DB record found.

It could be that your custom element has a field "pageID" - which will cause this error.

General Chooser Field Type does not render

If your General Chooser Field is not rendering correctly, go to Firebug and look for any "Red" error "Net" calls. If you see the following error:

Cannot invoke method controller on an object of type coldfusion.runtime.Struct with named arguments.

Make sure that the Bean Name you placed into your GC properties dialog matches with your actual GC.cfc file

Remember to reset the ADF after making any changes to GC files.

"Cannot invoke method" error returned by AjaxProxy

If you are calling a method in a component via the Ajax Proxy and you receive the following error:

Cannot invoke method "xyz" on an object of type coldfusion.runtime.Struct with named arguments.

You need to make sure that you have actually declared your component in your appBeanConfig.cfm