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Reset ADF

Two reset commands are built into the ADF. Add these URL parameters to any URL.

You must be logged into a site to reset the ADF.

To reset both the ADF Server and Site you can run a single URL parameter (only with ADF v1.5 or greater)


To reset the ADF server and site individually each URL parameter will need to be used (required for ADF v1.0)

1. ADF Server Reset


2. ADF Site Reset


Note: Both URL parameter resets can be used at the same time. Just make sure the the server reset is before the site reset.


Note: Resetting the ADF server might affect all sites implementing the ADF. If an error occurs, this could cause sites to go down. Needless to say, updates to the ADF Bean Configs and config files should be done in a controlled development environment (not on production servers!).