PT Social Media Version 1.0 Release Notes

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  • Minor fixes and updates for the 1.0 release version
  • Added additional logic to the Facebook Feed parser to handle with the file content data returns a boolean value
  • Added the social_media_tabbed_single_posts_rh.cfm as an example file to show an option of how to handle single posts from each service in a tabbed interface


  • Converted the Social Media Selector Custom Element to a Local Custom Element
    • Exported a new Custom Element Archive .zip file
  • Renamed the Social Media Selector Render Handler to be social_media_combined_stream_rh.cfm for the new local custom element
  • Added in the noCoflict=true to the jQuery call in the video_size_calc_props.cfm file to help with 6.x javascript name space issues for Custom Field Types
    • Exported a new Custome Field Type Archive .zip file
  • Added a YouTube inline player function to the youTubeFeedsService component renderInlineYouTubeVideoPlayer
  • Updated the renderYouTubeVideoPlayer to use the renderInlineYouTubeVideoPlayer function to render the video player in a lightbox
  • Added loadSocialMediaStreamPageCSS and loadSocialMediaAdminCSS CSS scripts functions to the script_1_1 app override file
  • Added an excludeServiceList parameter to the buildComibinedFeedItems function in the feedController component to allow specific services to not be added to the Combined feed stream
  • Added the Social Media Admin CSS function calls to each of the management custom scripts


  • Added min and max width options in to the Video Size Calculator custom field properties


  • Added a site-files directory with a ccapi.cfm example file
  • Re-exported the SocialMedia Selector element and renamed the main render handler file to social_media_posts_rh.cfm


  • Minor updates to Scripts_1_1 override file
  • Added CSS style sheets to help in the formatting of the datasheets on the webadmin pages


  • Added an additional option to the Display Properties tab for the 'SocialMedia Selector' element
    • Added an option to the selection list field 'displaySourcesLinks'
      • Option for 'Links on Top' was added to the Comma-Delimited option list
    • Updated the social_meida_feeds_rh.cfm render handler to add this option to the rendered output
    • Added some style definition to show example of floating the Source Link to the left of the posts column
  • Added Facebook OAuth authentication to allow access to the Facebook posts feeds (new requirement as of June 3, 2011)
    • Added a Facebook OAuth URL field 'apiFacebookAuth' to the 'ptSocialMedia Configuration' element
      • Field Name/Label Name: apiFacebookAuth
      • Type: Text
      • Description: Facebook API auth feed URL. Use Template:AppID for the appID identifier variable and Template:AppSecret for the appSecret identifier variable.
      • Max Length: 255
      • Size: 60
      • Default Value:{{appID}}&client_secret={{appSecret}}
    • Added methods to facebookFeedsDAO component to pass in the appAPI and appSecret to get the 'access_token' it to the posts feed ULR query string
    • Added the call for the 'getFacebookAccessToken' into the 'getFacebookPagePosts' methods to allow access to the selected page posts
    • IMPORTANT: To retrieve Facebook posts the web administator installing/managing the App will need to register their install of the App with Facebook ( to get an AppID and a AppSecret for their site's install of the Social Media App.
      • The Facebook AppID and AppSecret will then need to be entered into the ptSocialMedia App Configuration under Facebook tab and then the ADF will need to be reset.
  • Added an option to load YouTube video in a Lightbox
    • Modified render handler to allow special handling of YouTube video links when option is selected
    • Added a selection list field 'youtubePlayersInLB' to the 'SocialMedia Selector' element
      • Field Name: youtubePlayersInLB
      • Label: Open YouTube Player in a Lightbox
      • Type: Selection List
      • Description: Yes - video links will open the player in a lightbox window. No - video links will open in a new window with the player on a YouTube page.
      • Option List: Yes,No
      • Select Option: Yes
      • Default Value: No
    • Updated the social_meida_feeds_rh.cfm render handler to add this lightbox option for YouTube videos to the rendered output
  • Added a field to customize the video player size when YouTube videos are opened in a lightbox. This field calculates the size when the aspect ratio is selected and the a width is entered.
    • Added a video size calculator custom field 'youtubePlayerSizeInLB' to the 'SocialMedia Selector' element
      • Video Calculator CFT Paths:
        • /ADF/apps/pt_social_media/customfields/video_size_calculator/video_size_calc_render.cfm
        • /ADF/apps/pt_social_media/customfields/video_size_calculator/video_size_calc_props.cfm
      • Field Name: youtubePlayerSizeInLB
      • Label: YouTube Player Size in the Lightbox
      • Type: Video Size Calculator (custom)
      • Description: Set this value when YouTube video players are set to open in a lightbox windows
      • Field ID: youtubePlayerSizeInLB
    • Updated the social_meida_feeds_rh.cfm render handler to pass the selected height and width values to the player when YouTube videos are set to open in a lightbox window
  • Changed the jqueryUI theme field in the Configuration element to the UI Theme Selector drop down Custom Field Type
    • NOTE: Leave as a Text field if using a custom theme or a theme that is not part of the out of the box ADF.
  • Updated the feed DAO methods that build the feedURLs for each of Social Media services to from the URLs stored in the config custom element to convert &'s back into '&' (issue that arose when installing on CS 5.1)