PT Social Media Version 2.2 Upgrade

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The following guide is upgrading from v2.1 to v2.2.

Custom Element Updates

ptSocialMedia Configuration

Due to misnamed twitter API Consumer fields in the ptSocialMedia Configuration custom element you will need to run the Social Media App Updater Custom Script.

IMPORTANT: It is a good idea to backup your CommonSpot Site Database before running the SocialMediaAppUpdate script

Use these steps to update the 'Customer Key' and 'Customer Secret' fields to be updated to the correct Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields names and labels:

  1. Copy the following updater file to your site and place it in your 'customcf' directiry:
    1. '/ADF/apps/pt_social_media/site-files/customcf/SocialMediaAppUpdate.cfm'
  2. View the PT Social Media App Update menu page by going to the URL:
    1. http://{your-site}/customcf/SocialMediaAppUpdate.cfm
  3. The following updater script with be displayed with [PREVIEW] and [RUN] options
    1. schema-update-for-2.2
  4. First, click on the [PREVIEW] option
  5. If the message reads "No Fields need to be updated at this time!" you are done!
  6. If the message displays the "Old Field" and the "New Field" update info, go back to the updater menu.
  7. Once back at the updater menu, click the [RUN] option.
  8. When the script has finished running it should display the messages:
    1. The field "apiTwitterConsumerKey" in the ptSocialMedia Configuration element was updated!
    2. The field "apiTwitterCustomerSecret" in the ptSocialMedia Configuration element was updated!
  9. Now go to the CommonSpot Site Admin.
  10. Go to the "Elements" menu item under "Elements & Forms".
    1. From the list of elements in the "Manage Elements" dialog find the "ptSocialMedia Configuration" custom element.
    2. Select the "Field Definitions" menu option for the "ptSocialMedia Configuration" element under the pencil icon.
    3. When the "Custom Element Field Definitions" dialog click on the pencil icon to edit the updated field
    4. Without making any other changes hit the "save" option to save the field.
    5. The field should then reflect the changes.
  11. Close the "Manage Elements" windows.

Your Fields should now be updated!

Application Code

  1. Rename directory "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia/" to "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v2_1/".
  2. Rename file "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v2_1/appBeanConfig.cfm" to "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v2_1/appBeanConfig.cfm.old".
  3. Download the PT Social Media v2.2 and copy the extracted files into the "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia/" directory.

Reset the ADF for the server and site.

Site Customizations

During the application implementation customizations may have been created. Check under the "/_cs_apps/pt_socialmedia/" directory under you site to see if any customizations exists. If you do have site customizations, you'll need to update these accordingly.