PT Social Media Version 2.0 Upgrade

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The following guide is upgrading from v1.2 to v2.0.

Custom Element Updates

PTSocialMedia Configuration

Add the following new fields to the Twitter API tab of the ptSocialMedia Configuration element:

  1. a Tweet URL text field
    1. Type: text
    2. Field Name: apiTwitterTweetURL
    3. Field Label: apiTwitterTweetURL
    4. Description: Twitter Tweet page URL. Use {{screenname}} for the screen name variable. And use {{twitterid}} for the twitter data identifier variable.
    5. Required: No
    6. Properties:
      1. Size: 60
      2. Default Value:{{screenname}}/status/{{twitterid}}

App Configuration Updates

After the new fields have been added to the PTSocialMedia Configuration element:

  1. Go to the Social Media App Configuration Manager and click the "Edit Configuration" button.
  2. When the configuration form opens, add the default values from the list above as values for the new fields.
  3. Then click "Submit".
  4. When the configuration page reloads click the "Reset ADF / App Configuration" button.

Application Code

  1. Rename directory "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia/" to "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v1_2/".
  2. Rename file "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v1_2/appBeanConfig.cfm" to "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia_v1_2/appBeanConfig.cfm.old".
  3. Download the PT Social Media v2.0 and import into the "/ADF/apps/pt_socialmedia/" directory.

Reset the ADF for the server and site.

Site Customizations

During the application implementation customizations may have been created. Check under the "/_cs_apps/pt_socialmedia/" directory under you site to see if any customizations exists. If you do have site customizations, you'll need to update these accordingly.