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IMPORTANT: ADF 2.5 or above requires CommonSpot 10.6.1 or 10.5.2 or above.

Get the code and configure CF/Web

The following steps outline how to download the ADF and configure CommonSpot and your sites to use the ADF

  1. Download the ADF (two options)
  2. Create a directory on your server named "ADF" at the same level as CommonSpot. The name of the folder is "ADF" and must be all capital letters. The ADF should not be created within a CommonSpot site directory.
  3. Copy the contents of this zip file into the ADF directory.
  4. Create a ColdFusion Mapping ( /ADF ) to the ADF directory
  5. Create a Website Mapping ( /ADF ) to the ADF directory

Note: At this point the ADF has been set up for the server.

Set up the ADF to work with a site

Starter Files are located in the /ADF/core/site-sample directory. This contains a starter 'custom-application.cfm', 'ADF.cfc', 'ajaxProxy.cfm', and 'lightboxProxy.cfm'. These files contain the basic initialization code for the ADF configuration into a site.

  1. Copy the ADF.cfc, ajaxProxy.cfm, and lightboxProxy.cfm from the ADF/core/site-sample into your site's /_cs_apps/ directory.
  2. Identify if your site is currently using a custom-application.cfm file.
    • If your site is running a custom-application.cfm file, then add a cfinclude tag with the template path /ADF/core/load_site_adf.cfm into the top of your sites custom-application.cfm.
    • If not, then copy the custom-application.cfm to your site's root (ColdFusion restart is required).
  3. Reset the ADF for the Server and Site.
  4. Register the ADF Script Resources with CommonSpot (for ADF 2.0 and above only!)
    1. Run the Register ALL Scripts tool.
  5. You are good!

Note: You will need to repeat these steps for each 'site' utilizing the ADF.

REMEMBER: When going LIVE the ADF setup on each server (Authoring and each ROPS) should mirror each other.
Copying ADF files between servers is a manual process. At this time CommonSpot does NOT have a UI for this.

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