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Register ADF Scripts as CommonSpot Resources

Once the ADF has been installed or upgraded and the ADF Reset, register the ADF 2.0 ThirdParty Scripts as Resources in CommonSpot 10 by using the following URL parameters:

(Any existing ADF scripts/resources will be skipped.)

(Any missing ADF scripts/resources will also be added.)

Remember: You must be logged in to the CommonSpot site for these parameters to run.

The minimal set of ThirdParty Scripts includes:

  • jQuery
  • jQueryMigrate
  • jQueryUI
  • jQueryMobile
  • Bootstrap
  • ADFLightbox
Note: For compatibility with the ADF's Custom Fields, Custom Scripts, Datasheet Modules and any additional ADF Apps that maybe installed on your site, it is recommended to register All resources. 

Additional Resource Registration URL Parameters

In addition to the 'configADF', 'reconfigADF' and the 'scriptsPackage' url parameters (discussed above), as of ADF 2.6 and above you can also utilize the following additional url parameters for controlling the ADF Script registration process.

  • preserveAliases (true or false) - 'true' (default) to not change any alias names currently assigned to other resources or 'false' to update as configured in the AllScript.cfm data file.
  • useExternal (true or false) - 'false' (default) - set to 'true' for to use external/CDN resources (uses local if CDN url is not configured)
  • loadingType (early or late) - 'late' default - set to 'early' to load javascript resource at the top of the page
  • useLegacyEarlyJs (true or false) - 'false' (default)
  • groupList (a list or single group name) - Group names assigned in the AllScript.cfm data file.
  • aliasList (a list or single resource or alias name) - Resource or alias names assigned in the AllScript.cfm data file.


ADF Scripts Developer Info

For more information regarding the registration of ADF 2.0 ThirdParty Scripts as Resources in CommonSpot 10, please review the ADF Scripts 2.0 Developer Info

IMPORTANT: The ADF thirdParty scripts libraries will not function when using ADF.scripts_2_0 loadScripts calls unless
they are registered as Resources in CommonSpot 10.x.