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What is an ADF Application?

ADF Applications are essentially a combination of:

  • Custom code (e.g. custom scripts, render handlers, datasheet modules etc...)
  • CommonSpot Components (e.g. Custom Elements, Custom Field Types, Display Templates etc...)
  • CFC Components

What can I do with an ADF Application?

You can pretty much do anything with an ADF Application. You can:

  • use it to control settings for your custom coding projects
  • build interfaces to Custom Elements to make it easier to integrate with Custom data
  • construct and distribute entire applications that drive core content management functionality like Profiles, Facebook Integration or Sharpoint connectivity.

What makes up an ADF Application

ADF Applications can contain many different parts and can be simple or complex. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish will determine what makes up your application. There are however 2 things that each ADF Application must have (in order to be considered a true application)

  1. An appBeanConfig.cfm
  2. An App.cfc located in your applications /components directory.

ADF Application's however can also have any of the following: