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The General Chooser is a custom field type that allows the user to select multiple records from a defined data set. The data set is built through a General Chooser Property Component that is defined specifically for each chooser.

The base data set is designed for selection custom element records. Although, the component will allow a developer to build any custom data set, from CommonSpot groups to data from a non-CommonSpot database.

The built in styles allow the General Chooser custom field type to be easier designed. The field is based around the JQuery UI themes and a specific theme can be defined per data set. Also, the height and width for the selection boxes and items can be styled differently per data set.


Import the General Chooser custom field type into your site from this ADF location:

  • /ADF/extensions/customfields/general_chooser/

Follow these instructions to create a General Chooser Property Component.

Once the component is created and the ADF is reset, add the General Chooser field to your custom element. In the properties field, enter the name for the component that was created (do not include the '.cfc').

Create a new page and add a simple form on the page. In the simple form, select the custom element with the General Chooser field and publish this page.

On this new page, the General Chooser will render two selection boxes. The items on the left can be dragged to the right, and vice-versa.

Documentation Needed

  • How does each method work
  • How to override each aspect of the UI


  • This doesn't feel like a traditional "Extend". There are methods that you must define in your CFC that are not defined in the CFC that you are extending.
  • We need a "clear" option in the chooser that would clear a columns results