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CommonSpot Custom Field Types (CFT) is one of (if not THE) most powerful API's available to you as a developer. Custom Field Types are described in detail in the CommonSpot Developers guide which is available in your CommonSpot Help (/commonspot/help/) or on the PaperThin, Inc. website.

However, in summary a Custom Field Type is an API that allows you to interact with any custom form (Custom Element, Metadata Form or Simple Form) within CommonSpot. With a Custom Field Type you can:

  • Build a custom input control similar in complexity to the Rich Text Editor or as simple as the standard text input control
  • Connect two fields in a custom element using jQuery or other JavaScript library
  • Create an interface for content contributors that allows them to interact with non-CommonSpot data

Custom Fields in the ADF (Extensions)

The /ADF/extensions/customfields/ directory contains some pretty powerful Custom Field Types. They are simple to install and even easier to use:

  • General Chooser: The General Chooser is an extensible CFT that allow you to easily connect two custom elements together
  • Custom Element Select: The Custom Element Select CFT is similar to the General Chooser as it allows you to connect two custom elements together
  • Subsite Select: The Subsite Select CFT allows you to choose a subsite and bind the subsiteID to any element record
  • Template Select: The Template Select CFT allows you to choose a templateID and bind it to any element record