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About Twitter App

The Twitter application is built in the Application Development Framework (ADF).


The Twitter ADF App provides the ability to use Twitter's @Anywhere framework to add the following features to your site:

  • Hovercards: The Hovercard functionality is implemented as a function in the ADF app which any developer can add to a template or page to enable the feature.
  • Follow Buttons: This Custom Element adds a Follow Button to any page. Developers can also add Follow Buttons programmatically by calling a function in the ADF application.
  • Tweet Box: This Custom Element adds a Tweet Box on a page, you have the option of pre-populating the box with text and even with a link to the page the element is on. If you want to include the link, it is shortened using via their API. The Tweet Box allows your site visitors to tweet directly from your site.
  • TweetMeme Tweet Button: This is another option for allowing users to tweet directly from your site, it uses’s own API to provide a "Tweet this" button on a page. The functionality overlaps a little with the Tweet Box, but unlike that feature, this button is much smaller on a page and it includes a count of how many times the page's link has been tweeted.
  • URL Shortening: The same ADF function that the Tweet Box Custom Element uses is available to any developer, it takes a normal URL and returns a shortened version of it using's API.


ADF Library components that are required for the Twitter App:

  • scripts_1_0

ADF must be configured correctly for your site. Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) has instructions for configuration.


The Twitter App contains the following:

Note: Elements may contain one or more: Render Handlers, Display Templates, or Custom Field Types

Pre-installation Considerations

Application Development Framework (ADF) must be setup and configured on the server for the site that will be implementing the Twitter application. For detailed instructions, see the Application Development Framework (ADF) wiki page for Site Configurations.

This installation guide assumes that you have no Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names above. Before the installation of the Twitter App, remove any Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names contained in the "Contents" section above. (If you do not remove existing elements with these names, you may have difficulties during the installation.)


Each of the following steps should be completed fully and in the order presented:

  1. Extract the Twitter Application.
  2. Site Configuration.
  3. ADF Configuration for the Twitter App.
  4. Import Elements.


The Twitter application provides the following features:


Don't forget to add your Twitter @Anywhere Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values to the twitter.xml configuration file. Also add your login and key to this same file.

Known Issues/Bugs

Found a bug? View the Known Issues/Bugs wiki page. Your issue not on the list? Post it so the issue can be addressed.