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Facebook App Registration

To be able to retrieve Facebook posts via Social Media app you will need to register your “install” of the Social media App as a Facebook application. This will allow the App components to be authenticated with Facebook to retrieve the Facebook data feeds for posts.

  1. Go to and set up your Facebook user account be to a Facebook Developer
  2. Click the “Create new App” button in the upper right corner of the Developers page
  3. Enter a "App Display Name". Basically, give “your install of the ptSocialMedia app” a name. The name is up to you (ie. My Site's SocialMedia App )
  4. Check the box to agree to the Terms
  5. Click the ‘Continue’ button
  6. Enter (or update) the contact email (it can be different than you FB account email address)
  7. Under 'Advanced' you may need to add a 'Privacy Policy URL'. Use the site's privacy page URL where ptSocialMedia is installed.
  8. Click ‘Save Changes’
  9. DO NOT submit your app to the FB directory… this will NOT be a traditional Facebook application.
  10. Make note of (or Copy) the App ID, API Key, and the App secret that is generated for your new Facebook application.
    1. Note: Facebook no longer supplies a API Key. For v1.0 or v1.1 of the Social Media App paste your App Secret code into the API Key config field. In v1.2 the API Key config field has be removed from the element.

Note: Other Facebook Users from your organization can be added to your App registration if needed. This would allow the App registration to be managed by multiple people in your organization.

Update PT Social Media App Configuration

  1. Go to the Social Media App configuration management page
    1. http://{sitedomain}/webadmin/socialmedia/Manage-Configuration.cfm
  2. Enter the Facebook App ID, API Key, and the App Secret to the Social Media Configuration
  3. Once the new data has been entered and saved… click the “Reset ADF / App Configuration” button at the bottom of the page.