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The Social Media Configuration Page will be used to manage the ptSocialMedia Configuration custom element. Follow these steps to configure the datasheet and page for adding the configuration settings.


  1. Create a new page called 'Configuration Manager' in the /webadmin/socialmedia/ subsite.
  2. In the main content of the page, add a Custom Script element.
  3. Enter the explicit module path for:
    • /ADF/apps/pt_social_media/customcf/manage_configuration_header.cfm
  4. Publish the page.

Create Social Media Configuration Record

We are creating a single Social Media Configuration element record to be used within the application.

  1. Click the Add Configuration button
  2. Submit the form to create a configuration record.

Doing this will save the default field values in the configuration record of the custom element.

You can also update the following fields:

  1. General Config Tab
    1. ui_theme
  2. Facebook API Tab
    1. apiFacebookAppID
    2. apiFacebookAPIKey
    3. apiFacebookAppSecret
  3. WordPress API Tab
    1. wordPressServiceURL
    2. wordPressServiceImage
    3. apiWordPressFeedSuffix
    4. apiWordPressContentWordLimit

See the Site Configuration wiki page for more information on the fields and the correct values.

Reset the ADF for the server and site.