PT Page Rating Upgrade v2

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This guide is to upgrade the PT Photo Gallery v2 from v1.

Application Code

  1. Rename directory "/ADF/apps/pt_page_rating" to "/ADF/apps/pt_page_rating_v1".
  2. Rename file "/ADF/apps/pt_page_rating_v1/appBeanConfig.cfm" to "/ADF/apps/pt_page_rating_v1/appBeanConfig.cfm.old".
  3. Move the PT Page Rating v2 and into the "/ADF/apps/pt_page_rating/" directory.
  4. Reset the ADF


It is highly recommended to create a Page Rating subsite for administrators. This allows security to be setup for the subsite to allow only administrators access for the webadmin.

Your site may already have a webadmin subsite. The steps below will add a pagerating subsite into the webadmin subsite.


Web Admin

  1. Create a new subsite under the site root called webadmin.
  2. Create a new subsite under webadmin called pagerating.
  3. Configure the /webadmin/pagerating/ subsite Content Security to give 'No Rights' to 'Anonymous Users' and 'Authenticated Users'.
  4. Configure the /webadmin/pagerating/ subsite Content Security to give permissions to the group of administrators who will manage the Comments.

Page Rating Manager

This page will be used to manage the Comments custom element data records for the site.

  1. Create page with the name "index" and title is "Page Rating Manager" in the /webadmin/pagerating/ subsite.
  2. Add a Datasheet element into the page.
    1. Define a View for the Datasheet Element called "All Page Ratings"
    2. Leave the View Source as the Default: Form Result/Custom Element Sheet
    3. Select the "PT Page Rating" Custom Element and select the following columns:
      1. ID, UserID, RatingPageID, Rating, and Date Added
    4. Edit the column for the "ID" field and make the following changes:
      1. Header: Edit/Delete
      2. Render Handler: /ADF/extensions/datasheet-modules/1.0/edit-delete.cfm
    5. Edit the column for the "UserID" field and make the following changes:
      1. Header: User
      2. Render Handler: /ADF/extensions/datasheet-modules/1.0/userID-to-name.cfm
    6. Edit the column for the "RatingPageID" field and make the following changes:
      1. Header: Rating Page
      2. Render Handler: /ADF/extensions/datasheet-modules/1.0/pageID-to-link.cfm
      3. Prevent Text from Wrapping: Unchecked
    7. Edit the Layout properties for the datasheet:
      1. Default Sorting: Date Added DESCENDING
      2. Results Per Page: 50
      3. Allow JavaScript data sorting: Uncheck
  3. Publish the page.

Getting Started Guide

Please review the Getting Started Guide for the multiple options to implement this app into your site.

Site Level Customizations Review

This is only for reviewing the site level customizations in the "/_cs_apps/pt_page_rating/" directory, not in the ADF directory.

  1. Analyze the updated app code compared to the app customization code on your server.
    1. Identify any customizations that you have made to the application code to make sure these are updated with any functionality.
    2. Again, Beyond Compare is a good tool to compare the new and current file to identify the exact lines of code that have been changed.
    3. This is important for components that have customized functions to the site level "/_cs_apps/". The best practice is to identify the function that have been customized and compare with the new app function to identify any updates. A good help is to check the function comment header to see if any updates have been made.
  2. Once completed, Reset the ADF.

Reset the ADF

Reset the ADF for the server and site.