PT Page Rating Getting Started

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Adding rating to Your Pages

There are 3 options for adding the ratings to your pages:

  1. Base Plus One Template controlled through custom metadata - This will allow the all the site pages to have a metadata option to show or hide the page rating element .
  2. Template - Add the page rating custom script into a template and then all the pages derived from this template will have page rating.
  3. Page - On a page by page basis a custom script can be added directly into the page to display the page rating module.

The following steps will outline the 3 install options.

Base Template

  1. Create a new custom metadata form, or add to an existing custom metadata form (preferably if you have a custom metadata form for layout options this would be a good place).
  2. Add a new "checkbox" field with the following values:
    1. Field Name: displayPageRating
    2. Type: Checkbox
    3. Label: Display Page Rating
    4. Description: Check this field to display the Page Rating module into the page for all users.
    5. Properties: You have the option here to default this value to checked by default.
  3. On the Base Plus One Template
    1. Add a custom script module into the container or area of the page for the page rating.
    2. Define the explicit path for the following:
      1. /ADF/apps/pt_page_rating/customcf/pageRatingMetadataValidate.cfm
      2. Important Note: Based on your custom metadata form this custom script MAY need to be customized for your implementation.


  1. Navigate to your template or page.
  2. Add a custom script to the page (under Miscellaneous)
  3. Specify the location of the custom script to be:
    1. /ADF/apps/pt_page_rating/customcf/pageRating.cfm
  4. Submit the page.