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Paperbook is an ADF Application that is designed to integrate you CommonSpot content with Facebook. Some of the work that you can do with the Paperbook Application:

  • Allow site visitors to share CommonSpot pages with Facebook
  • Allow site visitors to Fan your Facebook Pages directly from your site


ADF Library components that are required for the Profile:

The ADF must be configured correctly for your site. The Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) wiki page has instructions for configuration.


  • Facebook Fan Page Custom Element
  • Facebook Share Custom Element
  • Facebook Pages Custom Field Type

Pre-installation Considerations

This installation guide assumes that you have no Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names above. Before the install, remove any Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names listed in the "Contents" section above. (If you do not remove existing elements with these names, you may have difficulties during the installation.)

Facebook Considerations

Part of the Paperbook Application requires a Facebook API Key to enable your site to use a feature called Connect. Facebook Connect is the easiest and fastest way to add Facebook integration into any site.

If you do not have a Facebook API Key you will need to create a Facebook Application.


Each of the following steps should be completed fully and in the order presented:

  • Import the "Facebook Fan Page" Custom Element
  • Import the "Facebook Share" Custom Element
Note: The "Facebook Pages" Custom Field Type will be imported as a part of the
"Facebook Fan Page" Custom Element.
  • Add the following to your template-basepage.head
 <cfset application.paperbook.pbService.addFBNamespace(headStruct)>
  • Add the following to the bottom of your template-basepage.cfm
 <cfset application.paperbook.pbService.initFacebook()>

Using the Paperbook Application