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It is easy to place Fan a Page links on your CommonSpot Pages. The Paperbook Application uses Custom Elements and the ADF to allow you to link to your Facebook Pages.

Paperbook fan a page.png

In order, to create a Fan a Page box on your site, you need to create a Facebook Page. It is easy to do. Follow the directions here

Once you have created a Facebook Page you can add a Fan a Page box:

  • Add the "Facebook Fan Pages" Custom Element to your page.
  • Edit the data in your element form fields:

Facebook fan pages form.png


Using Connect

The easiest way to add your Facebook Pages (that you are an Admin for) is to use the Connect button to authenticate against Facebook. Once you have connected you will see a list of pages in the Facebook Page field. Choose the Facebook Page you would like and click the "Set Values" button. The URL, Name and ID for your Facebook Page will be entered into the correct fields.


There are three main components to the Fan a Page box. There are various Render Handlers available on the "Facebook Pages Element". They each control the following data in the Fan a Page box:

  • Logobar - the Facebook logo at the top
  • Stream - wall posts from the page that is being displayed
  • Fans - Facebook users that are Fans for the page

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