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Since the content for this page is primarily under the control of each of the Social Media Services you are receiving the posts from it maybe necessary to have deeper visualization into the raw data coming from these services.

This page is a version of the Social Media Stream Page with a debug tools header custom script. It may be best to go through the steps to create and configure a standard Social Media Stream page before creating this debugging page.

It is also highly recommended that this debugging stream page be built in the Social Media Web Admin subsite so it will be protected by the Web Admin security settings.

To construct your Social Media Debugging Stream page complete the following steps:


  1. Create a CommonSpot page with a name of 'Social Media Debug' and a title of 'Social Media Debug' using the Social Media template and place it in the '/webadmin/socialmedia/' subsite.
  2. In the main content of the page, add a Custom Script element.
  3. Enter the explicit module path for:
    • /ADF/apps/pt_social_media/customcf/sm_debug_links.cfm
  4. Place the SocialMedia Selector Custom Element on this page.
  5. From the SocialMedia Selector element click More in the element interface.
  6. Click the Custom Render Handlers menu option, and choose the Default or the Social Media Combined Stream Render Handler.
  7. Submit the Page.


Once the page has been created and configured to display posts from the selected Social Media services you can use the debug tools checkboxes to select different raw data dump combinations and then click the link to reload the page.

When the page is fully reloaded, there will be Coldfusion data dumps visible above the posts that will display the raw data that is used to build the stream page.

If Social Media errors have occurred for the various services, links will be generated to allow access to open the error log files from the CommonSpot logs folder.