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The Social Media Stream Page is where the social media posts from the selected social media service pages, accounts and keywords display. These posts come from the live data feeds available from each service. The posts are not stored locally and with active social media account will possibly change with each page refresh.

To construct your Social Media Stream page complete the following steps. (Remember these steps can be adapted to a page created in any subsite using any template that has a large content area column.)


  1. Create a CommonSpot page with a name of 'index' and a title of 'Social Media Stream' using the Social Media template and place it in the 'socialmedia' subsite.
  2. Place the SocialMedia Selector Custom Element on this page.
  3. From the SocialMedia Selector element click More in the element interface.
  4. Click the Custom Render Handlers menu option, and choose the Default or the Social Media Combined Stream Render Handler.
  5. Submit the Page.

Go to the Configure the Social Media Stream Page section on the Getting Started page for more info.