PT Photo Gallery Cropper Field

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A Photo Cropper field is used to crop an uploaded photo to meet the categories initial photo size.

Follow the steps below to configure the photo cropper field.


  1. Create a new page "Photo Cropper" from the Blank Layout template in the /webadmin/photogallery/forms/ subsite.
  2. On the page, add a Custom Script element and add the following module: /ADF/apps/pt_photo_gallery/customcf/photo_upload_crop_form.cfm
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Edit the ptPhotoGallery Configuration element in the site administration.
  5. Add a new field named "UPLOAD_CROP_URL" of type CommonSpot Page URL into the custom element.
  6. Navigate to the Configuration Manager page and edit the configuration record. Assign the UPLOAD_CROP_URL field with the Photo Cropper CommonSpot page that was created above.
  7. Import the Photo Upload Crop custom field type in the site. The following zip can be found in the '/ADF/apps/pt_photo_gallery/exported-objects/' directory:
  8. Modify the custom element to use the 'Photo Upload Crop' field type.
  9. Reset the ADF for the server and site.