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The Media Add Page is a lightbox page to create new media records.

Follow these steps to configure the link and page for adding media.


  1. Create a new page called 'Media Add' from the Lightbox Template and in the /lightbox/multimedia/ subsite.
  2. In the main content of the page place a Simple Form element.
  3. From the Simple Form element interface icons choose the "Select Form" icon.
  4. In the Create/Select Simple Form dialog choose the option to "Select Simple Form/Custom Element" option and click "next".
  5. From the Select Form/Custom Element dialog choose the "Multimedia" custom element and click "Finish".
  6. Within the "Manage Simple Form Element" dialog, enter the following information:
    1. Name: (leave as is)
    2. Email Notification Recipients: (If you would like to receive an e-mail whenever new multimedia is added, then place your e-mail in here. This is optional)
    3. Sender's Email Address: leave checked
    4. Anonymous Sender's Email Address: (add in an anonymous email address if needed)
    5. Form Action: choose "Display Textblock on Submission" option and add 'Media uploaded successfully!' text in the RTE.
    6. Select Finish and then Finish again.
  7. Publish the page

Update Configuration

Update the Multimedia Configuration for the ADD URL field. Edit the row in the datasheet and select the CommonSpot page that was created.

Reset the ADF for the server and site.