PT Import Content Installation

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Important: Ensure that the ADF is installed and functioning correctly before installing PT Import Content.


Each of the following steps should be completed fully and in the order presented:

  1. Extract Application
  2. ADF Configuration
  3. Import Elements
  4. App Configuration
  5. External Database Setup
  6. Subsites
  7. CCAPI Configuration
  8. Pages
    1. Dashboard
    2. Lightbox Controller
    3. Job Type Manager
    4. Job Manager
    5. Template Mapping

Now that the application is installed run the following configuration step to auto populate the Import Job Type Data.

  1. On the PT Import Content Dashboard page, locate the tools accordian menu in the right column.
  2. Click the "Populate Job Types" link. This will open a lightbox dialog with the status for auto populating the Import Job Type data into the site.

Create Generic Content Template

  1. Create a new page, to be used as the Generic Content template. Typically, this page will derive directly from the Base Plus One and will be located in the root of the site.
  2. Place a Textblock Element on the page and give that element a name (e.g. "pageContent").
  3. Save this page as the Generic Content Template.

Note: Alternatively, you can use an existing content template as long as the template contains a named Formatted Text Block (with or without header) element.