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The Import Job are global custom elements. Managing data for these global custom elements can be configured easily through the use of Datasheets. The following sections will describe how to configure a CommonSpot page to manage the data for this element.


  1. Create a new page with the title 'Job Manager' from the Base Plus One template and in the subsite /webadmin/importcontent/.
  2. In the main content of the page, add a Data Sheet element.
  3. From the Datasheet element interface, click the "Datasheet" icon.
  4. From the "Datasheet Views" dialog, follow the "Click here to create a new datasheet view" link.
  5. Enter the following information and then click "Next":
    1. Name: All Jobs
    2. Private: unchecked
    3. Default View: unchecked
    4. Description: View to manage all of the photo sizes
    5. Datasheet Source: Form Result/Custom Element Sheet
  6. From the Datasheet Source dialog, choose the "Import Job" custom element and click "Next".
  7. From the Datasheet Columns dialog select the columns ID, TypeID, Name, RecordsToRun, CurrentRecord, StartDateTime, EndDateTime, and Status and move them to the Selected Columns list then click "Finish".
  8. You will be directed to the Datasheet View page. Click "Close" to return to your page.
  9. You will now see the datasheet element on this page. Click the Datasheet element interface icon again and choose "Edit Columns".
  10. Edit the "ID" column.
  11. Change the "Header" text to "Edit/Delete".
  12. Change the "Render Handler" to the following path:
    1. If running CommonSpot 6.0 and higher use the following:
      1. /ADF/extensions/datasheet-modules/1.0/edit-delete-native-CS6.cfm
    2. Else use the following path:
      1. /ADF/extensions/datasheet-modules/1.0/edit-delete.cfm
  13. Save the form.
  14. Edit the "TypeID" column.
  15. Change the "Header" text to "Job Type".
  16. Change the "Render Handler" to the following path:
    1. /ADF/apps/pt_import_content/datasheet-modules/job_type_id_to_name.cfm
  17. Save the form.
  18. Publish this page.