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The Forum Home/Categories page is the top level forum listing page.

To construct your Forum Categories page complete the following steps.


  1. Create a CommonSpot page with a name of 'index' and a title of 'Forum Home' using the Forums template and place it in the Forums subsite.
  2. Place the Forum Categories Custom Element on this page.
  3. Click Render Mode in the element interface.
  4. Select Display existing element data (content reuse) on the Rendering Mode tab.
  5. Select the Filter tab.
  6. Select Filter Type to Show subset of records.
  7. Select the field drop-down as the Category Active field.
  8. Select the operator as Equals.
  9. Select the operator as Yes.
  10. Select the sort order drop-down as the Category Name field and Ascending.
  11. Click OK on the render mode window.
  12. Click More in the element interface. Then the Custom Render Handlers menu option, and choose the Defualt or the Categories Page Render Handler.
  13. Submit the Page.

Update Configuration

Update the Forums for the 'FORUM_HOME_URL' field. Edit the row in the datasheet and select the CommonSpot page that was created.

Reset the ADF for the server and site.