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Attention: Do not change any text in the description, signature, and paramter sections.

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Given a Page ID, getPageMetadata will return a structure containing the standard and custom metadata for a page.


public Struct getPageMetadata ( numeric pageID, numeric categoryID, numeric subsiteID, string inheritedTemplateList )


Required Name Type Description
required pageID numeric
optional categoryID numeric
optional subsiteID numeric
optional inheritedTemplateList string [Default: ]


Example 1: Get the approval status for the current page. Uses the standard page metadata:

        pageMeta =  application.ADF.CSData.getpageMetadata(request.page.id);
    	 if ( StructKeyExists(pageMeta.standard, "approvalStatus") AND
     	 pageApprovalStatus = pageMeta.standard["approvalStatus"];

Example 2: Get the blogID from the custom Metadata form bound to the current page:

     pageMeta =  application.ADF.CSData.getpageMetadata(request.page.id);
 	 if ( StructKeyExists(pageMeta.custom, "Blogs2") AND 
               (StructKeyExists(pageMeta.custom.Blogs2, "blogID")) and 
  	 blogID = pageMeta.custom.Blogs2.blogID;