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CommonSpot Data Utils functions for the ADF Library


dependency = data_1_0
version = 1_0_0
wikiTitle = CSData_1_0
type = singleton


buildCSPageName ( string contentTitle )
copyUploadFileToSubsite ( numeric inSubSiteID, numeric inFilePageID, string inFileName )
Copies the uploaded file from the _cs_uploads to the subsite upload folder.
CSFile ( string action, string output, numeric mode, string source, string destination, string file, string filefield, string newfilename, string nameconflict, string directory, string filter, string direxists, string addnewline )
decipherCPIMAGE ( string cpimage )
Returns the proper structure for an image based on the 'CPIMAGE:' text provided by CEData() calls
findUploadFileExistsInSubsite ( numeric inSubSiteID, string inFileName )
Function returns T/F is file exists in subsite upload folder
formatSubsiteURL ( string subsiteURL )
Allows the subsiteURL to have a proper format
getCommonSpotSites ( )
Returns the CommonSpot sites for the server.
getContactData ( numeric userID )
Retrieves CommonSpot user data when given a user ID.
getCSPageByIndexTitle ( string csPageTitle )
getCSPageByName ( string csPageName, numeric csSubsiteID )
getCSPageDataByURL ( string csPageURL )
Returns a query containing the page ID and page title of the page URL provided
getCSPageURL ( numeric pageID )
getCustomMetadata ( numeric pageID, numeric categoryID, numeric subsiteID, string inheritedTemplateList )
getDefaultRenderHandlerHTML ( string elementName, Array dataArray )
Returns the HTML for the default render handler with the passed in element name.
getDefaultRenderHandlerPath ( string elementName )
Returns the Path for the Default Render Handler for an Element.
getDocIcon ( string MIMEType )
Returns the document Icon based on the MIME type
getFullCurrentPageURL ( )
Returns the full page url for the current page using CS request variables.
getImagePageURL ( numeric pageid )
getLanguageCounterPart ( numeric pageID )
Returns a metadata structure for this pages lanugage counterpart
getLanguageName ( numeric langID )
Given a languageID retrieve the language name
getPageDataArray ( string pageIDList )
Returns an array of a page data based on a list of pageID's
getPageMetadata ( numeric pageID, numeric categoryID, numeric subsiteID, string inheritedTemplateList )
Return the standard and custom metadata for a page.
getPagesBySubsiteID ( numeric subsiteID, boolean recurse, boolean includeDocs, boolean includeExternalURLs )
getParentSubsiteFromURL ( string subsiteURL )
Returns the parentSubsiteID given a subsiteURL
getSiteTemplates ( )
getStandardMetadata ( numeric csPageID )
getSubsiteID ( string subsiteURL )
getSubsiteIDByPageID ( numeric pageid )
Returns the Subsite ID for the Page ID.
getSubsiteQueryByID ( numeric subsiteID )
Returns a Query for the subsite information
getSubsiteStruct ( )
getTemplateByID ( numeric templateID )
getTopLevelParentSubsiteID ( numeric childsubsiteid )
Returns the Subsite ID for the Page ID.
getUploadedDocPageURL ( numeric pageID, numeric subsiteID )
Returns the CS page url for the uploaded document.
getUploadedDocPublicName ( numeric inCSPageID )
Returns the public file name for the uploaded document
getUploadedFilePageID ( numeric inSubSiteID, string inFileName )
Returns Page ID for the subsite id and uploaded filename.
isCSPageActive ( numeric pageID )
Returns T/F for the active status of the page id.
makeCSSafe ( string stringToFix, Boolean makeLowerCase )
pageExists ( numeric subsiteID, string pageTitle, string pageName )
pagesContainingRH ( string modulePath )
pagesContainingScript ( string templateURL )
serializedFormStringToStruct ( string serializedString )
Returns a structure of the element fields containing the serialized form data.
validateADFBeanObject ( String beanName )
Search the Application spaces on the site for the for the bean object.