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The Core Bean Configuration file for the lightwire framework creates the objects and dependencies for the ADF.

The Bean Configuration file extends the Lightwire Config Extended Base component file.

The configuration file sets up the objects for all components in the lib directory and initiates the App Bean Config for the ADF applications.


  • loadADFLibComponents function in the Lightwire Config Extended Base. The parameters are the ADF directory to locate all components and the directories to exclude. This function locates and creates objects for all the components in the argument directory.
 *	Build bean objects for all components in the ADF\LIB directory
 *		Argument 1 = Directory to recurse for component files
 *		Argument 2 = Director names to exclude
loadADFLibComponents("ADF/lib/", "server");
  • Create the CoreConfig object into the factory.
 *	Load the singleton for the Core Config file
addSingleton("ADF.core.Config", "CoreConfig");
 *	Load the ADF application bean configuration files (appBeanConfig.cfc)