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Lib is the ADF directory for the component library. The universal components are stored in unique directories. The component files are versioned within the directory.

Refer to the ADF Library wiki documentation for components and functions in the ADF Lib.

Component Properties

The library components have properties that define the version, bean type, and dependencies.

See the Library Component Versions wiki page for details on the component versioning methodology.

The formatting for the properties is as follows:

  • Version
    • Name field is "version"
    • Value field is the version number, example "1_0_0"
<cfproperty name="version" value="1_0_0">
  • Type
    • Name field is "Type"
    • Value field is the bean type that will be created. This will be either "singleton" or "transient"
    • Default is "transient"
<cfproperty name="type" value="transient">
  • Dependency
    • Name field is the Property Name for the dependency
    • InjectedBean field, this is the bean to be injected
    • Type field is "dependency"
<cfproperty name="CCAPI" type="dependency" injectedBean="CCAPI">