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Util functions for the ADF Library


dependency = ceData_1_0
version = 1_0_0
wikiTitle = Utils_1_0
type = singleton


abort ( )
buildPagination ( numeric page, numeric itemCount, numeric pageSize, boolean showCount, string URLparams )
bulkLogAppend ( array logs )
Takes an array of log writes and calls log append with each write
createUniqueFileName ( string fullPath )
deleteScheduledTask ( string taskName )
directoryFiles ( string dirPath, string recurse )
Returns the files for the directory.
doDump ( any var, string label, boolean expand, numeric returnInVar )
ColdFusion dump of the variable argument.
exit ( )
fieldTypeIsList ( string fieldType )
Determines if the field type is a 'list' field type
filterDirectoryQueryByType ( query dirQuery, string whereCondValue, string whereOperator, string queryType )
Filters the query to find the CFC file name.
getFieldTypes ( )
Returns back the details for any custom field type that is currently a list
HTMLSafeFormattedTextBox ( string inString )
ListRandomElements ( string theList, numeric numElements, string theDelim )
Returns specified number of random list elements without repeats.
logAppend ( string msg, string logFile, boolean addTimeStamp, string logDir )
scriptExists ( string templatePath )
setScheduledTask ( string url, string taskName, string schedLogFileName, string minuteDelay )
unzipFile ( string zipFilePath, string outputPath )
updateCustomFieldType ( numeric ID, string propertyModule, string renderModule, string type, string JSValidator, string active )
Updates a custom field type record
updateListItems ( string fieldType )
Given a fieldType update the fields that use that field type to have list items