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The Navigation Application is designed to allow you to control a subsite based navigation with ordering and parent/child relationships. The Navigation Application is a fully hierarchical navigation element. It is designed to be unlimited in the number of child parent relationships. However, the navigation has a "reset" feature where lower level subsites can be promoted to the top of the navigation.

Getting Started

  • If you intend on using the Navigation element to display pages in the root subsite then your first navigation record should be the /index.cfm page
  • From there create the "framework" of your navigation by adding other child

Adding Pages to the Navigation

  • Navigate to a page that you would like to add to the navigation and in the Navigation Custom Field Type - click the "Add to Navigation" checkbox.
  • After clicking the "Add to Navigation checkbox, you will notice the current pages title appear in the navigation list on the right

Creating Start Points

Start Points are essentially subsites or pages that contain children. Ideally, you would have a Start Point for each "index.cfm" page for each subsite you want in your navigation. To create a start point:

  • Navigate to the index.cfm page for the subsite you want to add and follow the instructions above from the "Adding Pages to the Navigation".
  • Click the checkbox for "Add Start Point"

Promoting Parents

Parents (or Start Points) can be promoted to the top. Essentially, what this does is allows the navigation to start over. You would use this if you wanted a subsite 4-5 levels deep to have navigation - but you didn't want all 4-5 levels of parents to display

  • Navigate to the index.cfm page for the subsite you would want to promote.
  • Follow the instructions above from the "Creating Start Points" section
  • Click the checkbox for "Promote to Parent"