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The Automate Sync is a feature available through the Sync Mapping Manager to run a scheduled task to synchronized all custom element records for the custom element for the source and destination sites.


Sync Mapping Manager

  1. Navigate to the Sync Mapping Manager page.
  2. In the datasheet row to the custom element is a link for "Automate Sync Dashboard". This link will open the sync dashboard for that specific custom element.
  3. The dashboard will display a link to start a run the sync process.
    1. Pt-sync-auto-01.jpg
  4. If an automated sync is in process, then the dashboard will display the current sync status and progress.
    1. Pt-sync-auto-02.jpg
  5. Once completed, the dashboard will display the last sync process run for the custom element and link to start a new process.
    1. Pt-sync-auto-03.jpg