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The Profile Template is the template that all the profile pages are created from. To construct your Profiles Template complete the following steps.


  1. Create a CommonSpot page called 'Profile' from the Base Plus One template. (The subsite for this is not critical but it is a good idea to create this page in a subsite that has been created for the Profile Roles).
  2. Place the Profile Custom Element on this page.
  3. Click Render Mode in the element interface.
  4. Select Display existing element data (content reuse) on the Rendering Mode tab.
  5. Select the Filter tab.
  6. Select Filter Type to Show subset of records.
  7. Select the field drop-down as the uniqueID field.
  8. Select the operator as Equals.
  9. Click the '...' button to open the ColdFusion expression window.
  10. Enter the text as the expression and check the force cache checkbox. Click OK and then check the box to Ignore ColdFusion error, then click OK.
  11. Click OK on the render mode window.
  12. Click More in the element interface. Then the Custom Render Handlers menu option, and choose the Full Page Render Handler.
  13. Submit Page and then Save as Template.
  14. Remember to submit the template for public use.
  15. Go to the CommonSpot Site Administration and bind the Profiles metadata form to this new Profile Template.

Update Profile Site Config

This template will be used to create profile pages. Update the pt_profile.xml config file that we setup in Site Configuration. Get the pageid for this page and update the <TEMPLATE_ID> tag value with the pageid for the Profile Roles.