PT Profile Bulk Creation/Update

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Bulk create and update scripts exist to perform large amounts of updating and page creation from an outside data source.

This process will create new profile custom element records if they don't exist and update profile custom element records that do exist.

This process requires the query from the outside data source to have the same column names as the element fields. There should be a one-to-one mapping of the fields.


  • In the Profile Service component is a function getExternalProfileData. This function must be updated with the query to the outside datasource. The important part is that you return a query with the same field names as your profile element fields.
  • The custom script that runs the process is located at:
    • /ADF/apps/pt_profile/customcf/bulk_update_import.cfm
  • Create a new CommonSpot page and place this custom script on the page.


In the bulk_update_import.cfm script are a few variables that can be modified. Below is the variables as they appear in the script and the descriptions:

// Query user id field name
qryFieldName = "userid";
// Number of accounts to update on a pass through
updatePassCount = 10;
// Minutes to pause
pauseMinutes = 5;
// Log file name
logFile = "#DateFormat(now(),'YYYYMMDD')#.profile_bulk_update.log";
  • qryFieldName - This is the unique userid field name from the external query.
  • updatePassCount - Number of profiles to process before pausing.
  • pauseMinutes - Time in minutes to pause between processing passes.
  • logFile - Name for the log file for this script.