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The Profile element is a global custom element. Data for global custom elements can be easily managed with Datasheets. The following sections describe how to configure a simple management page.


  1. Create a page from the Base Plus One titled 'Manage Profiles' with the page name 'index' in the /webadmin/profile/ subsite.
  2. In the body of the page, add a Custom Script element.
  3. From the Custom Script element interface, click the Edit icon.
  4. Enter the following text into the Explicit Module path: /ADF/apps/pt_profile/customcf/profile_admin_ds.cfm
  5. From the Datasheet element interface, click the Datasheet icon.
  6. From the Datasheet Views dialog, select the Click here to create a new datasheet view text.
  7. Enter the following information and then click Next:
    1. Name: All Profiles
    2. Private: unchecked
    3. Default View: unchecked
    4. Description: View to manage all of the profiles
    5. Datasheet Source: Form Result/Custom Element Sheet
  8. From the Datasheet Source dialog, choose the Profile custom element and click Next.
  9. From the Datasheet Columns dialog, choose a few columns from the Available Columns list and move them to the Selected Columns list. Select the following fields in this order UniqueID, UserID, firstname, lastname, and email as the first field to display in the table and then click Finish.
  10. You will be brought to the Datasheet View page. Click Close to return to your page.
  11. You will now see the datasheet element on this page. Click the Datasheet element interface icon again and this time choose Edit Columns.
  12. Select the column field UniqueID and then the edit button.
  13. In the Render Handler field, select the Change button. Enter the following value into the Explicit Module text box: /ADF/apps/pt_profile/datasheet-modules/datasheet-action-edit-delete-view.cfm
  14. Click Finish.
  15. In the Header field, clear out the text and leave the text field blank. Click Finish.
  16. Publish this page.