PT Photo Gallery Version 2.3 Release Notes

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We are proud to release v2.3 to the Community.

Version 2.3 contains a few bug fixes related to v2.3.

If installing the Photo Gallery app for the first time, please follow the v2.1 Install Guide.

If upgrading from v2.2, please follow the v2.3 Upgrade Guide. If upgrading from a version earlier than v2.2, the please complete the v2.0, v2.1, and v2.2 Upgrade Guides along with the v2.3 Upgrade Guide.


  • Added new "Photo Category" custom field type. Updated the photo category to force the category based if a category ID is passed over the URL.
  • Updated the return data format from the "photoService.processForm" function. Get the callback data from the return data in the process function.
  • Photo Upload Link custom field type - Added option to set the field value to store and field validation and security. Added options to enter the "Photo ID" and "Photo Upload" field names.
  • Updated upload process to remove special characters from the file name.
  • Photo Manager - Customized the surrounding div class for specific app styles.
  • Updated to add a photoDescription parameter for photo description that is required by the CCAPI. Added application.ptPhotoGallery.CSUpload and removed server getBean for easier updating from the appBeanConfig

Bug Fixes

  • Added validation if the category argument has an empty length.
  • Updated the exported objects.
  • Added "output=false" to all functions for Railo compatiablity.
  • Added "description" field to upload into the Image Gallery.
  • Updated the 'categoryID' arg in the delete AJAX call to get from the category field directly.
  • Resolved issues with the photo crop field type.

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v2.3, please see the PT Photo Gallery v2.3 Change Log.