PT Photo Gallery Version 2.2 Release Notes

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We are proud to release v2.2 to the Community.

Version 2.2 contains a few bug fixes related to v2.1.

If installing the Photo Gallery app for the first time, please follow the v2.1 Install Guide.

If upgrading from v2.1, please follow the v2.2 Upgrade Guide. If upgrading from a version previous to v2.1, the please complete the v2.0 Upgrade Guide steps along with the v2.1 Upgrade Guide steps.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved error in v2.1 for editing photo records displays the "Element IMGGALLERYSTATUS.UPLOADCOMPLETED is undefined in PHOTOUPDATESTATUS." error message.
  • Updated photo processing to propagate all the photos to the ROP servers.
  • Updated error handling for uploaded photos that are corrupted or unreadable by CFIMAGE. Previously this would display a ColdFusion error message and the photo form would break.
  • Updated delete processing to remove the "_system_resize" photo.