PT Photo Gallery Version 2.1 Release Notes

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We are proud to release v2.1 to the Community.

Version 2.1 contains security updates, code updates, custom field enhancements, and a few bug fixes.

If installing the Photo Gallery app for the first time, please follow the v2.1 Install Guide.

If upgrading from v2.0, please follow the v2.1 Upgrade Guide. If upgrading from a version previous to v2.0, the please complete the v2.0 Upgrade Guide steps along with the v2.1 Upgrade Guide steps.


  • Security Updates to remove the upload hidden form fields.
  • Photo Upload Link custom field type now has the open to display the full photo form to upload or upload a photo directly based on a defaulted category. Please see Upload Link field page details for more details.
  • Improved error handling for uploading the photo into the CommonSpot Image Gallery.
  • Added photoGalleryGC component to create a chooser field for the Photo Gallery records.

Bug Fixes

  • Photo Upload Link custom field type was not refreshing the parent dialog when running ADF v1.5.2.
  • Updated the Photo Gallery chooser field for the ADF v1.5.2.
  • Lightbox dialog fixes for ADF v1.5.2 and CS 6.2.1, Winter 2012.
  • Delete from the Photo Manager will refresh the page once the delete is completed.
  • Moved all the styles into the CSS and load CSS file in the manager page.
  • Updated the button classes.
  • Updated all data retrieval to go through the photo DAO component and not call the ADF cedata directly.