PT Photo Gallery 4.0 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT: This application has been deprecated. PaperThin strongly recommends that customers utilizing this application
should migrate to the native CommonSpot Image Galleries.

Version 4.0 is compatible with the ADF 2.0 or greater and CommonSpot 10 or greater.


  • Added Example Custom Elements for the Photo Cropper field type and the Upload Link field type
  • Updated the DataSheet module for the photo edit delete buttons
  • Updated the from lightbox scripts to use the new ADF 2.0 form callbacks
  • Updated the app configuration custom script to use the standard jquery datatables format
  • Updated to load JS and CSS using CommonSpot 10's new Resource Loader via ADF.scripts_2_0.
  • Converted the .cfm renderer Custom Field Types to use the new CommonSpot 10 .cfc render files.
  • Updated Render Handlers to use the new CommonSpot 10 resource detection.
  • Exported all of the updated Custom Element and Metadata Forms .zip archive files for CommonSpot 10.

Bug Fixes

  • Added loadJQueryMigrate to the loadcyclescript method to resolve error.
  • Fixed image upload process to use loadResources and new Callback Functions.
  • Switched the default CS Image Gallery to "general" instead of "Photo Gallery"
  • Updated JS and function call to get the upload_form_url from the App config
  • Converted the URL scoped variables to request.params

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v4.0, please see the PT Photo Gallery v4.0 Change Log.