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The Multimedia "All Media" search results display page will be used to display all of the multimedia associated with a current category or series based upon a URL variable.


  1. Create a new page called 'Multimedia Search Results' from the Lightbox Template. Create this page either in the root of the site or if you’ve created a subsite for your multimedia then create the page within the subsite. Do not create the page under the lightbox subsite.
  2. In the main content of the page, add the multimedia element.
  3. Click the multimedia "Edit" icon. Select “Render Mode” and choose the “Display existing element data (content reuse)” radio button. Click the “filter” tab and choose the “Show subset of records” radio button. Choose “Category” from the FIELD SELECTION drop-down. Choose “contains” from the OPERATOR selection drop-down. Next you will need to enter a coldfusion expression as the criteria. Click on the grey box with the three dots to enter the expression and enter a value of “url.categoryid” in the expression field. Click “OK”. When you receive the “Variable url.categoryid is undefined” error message select the “ignore coldfusion error” checkbox and click “OK”. Select the “update” button to commit your change and then select the “OK” button.
  4. Assign render handler. Select the multimedia “Edit” icon and then choose “more” to expand the menu and select “custom render handlers”. Select the “multimedia search results” render handler and click “next”. The next screen presents a metadata format where you may choose the desired display format (typically row of 3 thumbs) and then select “OK”.
  5. Publish the page.