PT Mobile Getting Started

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Getting Started

So you have the app installed and running. Now what?

Understanding What the App Does

Before you can begin to make your mobile site you need to understand what this apps job is. This app will allow you to run a custom XSL transform on the xml output of your pages. XSL+XPATH are programming languages unto themselves and I recommend you read up on the W3C site about how to use it properly before continuing further.

Customizing the transform

As you will quickly notice many of your pages are not the same as far as layout of custom elements and data. You will need to implement a transform that can handle the specific set of data it gets from the page you are "mobilifying"

To set what transform gets called on what page go to your _cs_apps/pt_mobile/components/mobileController.cfm and edit the getXSLPath function, there will be an example that is commented out called "Set XSL path for HOME.". The code below it takes the pageID you want to customize for and sets the XSLPath to the custom transform of your choice. There is another example "Set XSL path for NEWS." that shows how to do this dynamic choice based upon a subsiteID.

Getting Sample Data

As you customize your transform you will probably want to see what data it is transforming right? Well to do this you simply add ?xml=1 to the end of the url and it will spit out the XML that is being transformed.