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The Subsite Mapping is the identification of the subsites that are to be created as part of the content import process.

The goal of this configuration is to populate the "subsite_mapping" table in the external database that was previously configured (External Database Setup). We have auto-created a table called "subsite_mapping" that will be the source data. Review the subsite mapping data fields below for the details of the data.

You have the ability to populate this table directly, or develop a script to populate this table, etc. They the application we offer the ability to populate a spreadsheet that will be imported into the "subsite_mapping" table.

The sample spreadsheet is located in the apps site_files directory ("/ADF/apps/pt_import_content/site_files/pt_import_content/data/"). If you want to configure the data through the spreadsheet follow the next steps:

  1. Copy the "subsite_mapping.xls" and paste into the following directory within the site "/_cs_apps/pt_import_content/data/subsite_mapping.xls".
  2. Edit the spreadsheet to update the columns as they are defined in detail below.
  3. On the PT Import Content Dashboard page, locate the Tools accordian menu in the right column.
  4. Click the link for "Import Subsite Source Data". This will open a lightbox dialog that will guide through importing the spreadsheet data into the data database table.

Once this table is populated, the Getting Started guide will walk through the subsite import processing.

Subsite Mapping Fields

The following are the fields in the subsite mapping data and details:

  • ID - The ID for the current subsite record. (If importing a CommonSpot site, this will be the current site subsiteID)
  • Path_in_File_Structure - The current subsite path within the current site.
  • Desired_Path - The subsite path in the new site (This allows you to rename, merge, and create new subsites)
  • Name - The CommonSpot name for the new subsite. The name may contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores, but may not include spaces or symbols. This will must match the subsite name in the Desired_Path field.
  • Display - The CommonSpot name to display in dynamically generated elements such as PageIndex or Breadcrumbs.
  • Description - A brief description for the new subsite.
  • Template_Name - Template name to be used as the default template for pages imported into this subsite. (The template name defined in the page mapping data will take precedence).