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About PT Date Time Builder

The PT Date Time Builder application is built in the Application Development Framework (ADF).



ADF Library components that are required for the multimedia application:

  • ceData_1_0
  • scripts_1_0
  • forms_1_5

ADF must be configured correctly for your site. Site Configuration (ADF.cfc) has instructions for configuration.


The multimedia application contains the following:

Note: Elements may contain one or more: Render Handlers or Custom Field Types. They do NOT use Display Templates.

Pre-installation Considerations

Application Development Framework (ADF) must be setup and configured on the server for the site that will be implementing the PT Date Time Builder application. For detailed instructions, see the Application Development Framework (ADF) wiki page for Site Configurations.

This installation guide assumes that you have no Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names above. Before the installation of PT Date Time Builder, remove any Custom Elements/Metadata Forms with the names contained in the "Contents" section above (see exception below). If you do not remove existing elements with these names, you may have difficulties during the installation.


Each of the following steps should be completed fully and in the order presented:

  1. Extract Date Time Builder Application
  2. ADF Configuration for the Date Time Builder application
  3. Import Elements
  4. Site Configuration
  5. Build Templates/Pages

Getting Started


Known Issues/Bugs

Found a bug? View the Known Issues/Bugs wiki page. Your issue not on the list? Post it so the issue can be addressed.