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Going Further

As you have seen you can add comments to a basic page. But lets say you want to add comments to a certain element or other item. The comments app is designed to allow you to do just that! Remember when setting up our page we used the pageComments.cfm file as a script before our comments element? Open that script, it is located in /ADF/apps/pt_comments/customcf/pageComments.cfm

In this file we set the request.params.comments.contentDataPageID parameter to the existing page id, to bind a comment to just your element or other item enter the unique identifier for that element instead of and save the file to your /_cs_apps/pt_comments/customcf directory with a unique descriptive title.

Instead of specifying the pageComments.cfm when adding the comments app to the page specify your script instead. No other changes are necessary.