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PT Tags has been integrated into the PT Blogs application to allow blog contributors to build a collection of user defined tags, or keywords, to associate to the blog post.

Tags are associated to a specific blog instance. This means that only the blog posts within the blog can share tags. The tags are not shared globally for all the blogs.

Follow the steps below to integrate the PT Tags into blog posts.

Install PT Tags

  1. Install the PT Tags application on the site. Follow the steps for the installation.

Tags Listing Template

  1. Create a new page with the name "Blog Tags" from the "Blog Post" template.
  2. Delete the Posts2 custom element from the page.
  3. Place the Tags Custom Element on this page.
  4. Click Render Mode in the element interface.
    1. Select Display existing element data (content reuse) on the Rendering Mode tab.
    2. Select the Filter tab.
      1. Select Filter Type to Show subset of records.
      2. Select the field drop-down as the contentID field.
      3. Select the operator as Equals.
      4. Click the '...' button to open the ColdFusion expression window.
      5. Enter the text as the expression and check the force cache checkbox. Click OK and then check the box to Ignore ColdFusion error, then click OK.
      6. Select the Add Criteria drop-down and select AND.
      7. Select the field drop-down as the Active field.
      8. Select the operator as Equals.
      9. Select "1" from the drop-down for Value.
      10. Select the Sort Order field to Tags and Ascending.
    3. Click OK on the render mode window.
  5. Ignore the error message for 'Error: Error evaluating a user-defined expresssion'.
  6. Click More in the element interface. Then the Custom Render Handlers menu option, and choose the Blog Listing Render Handler. (You may see an error on this page with the Render Handler. That is OK at this point.)
  7. Submit Page and then Save as Template.
  8. Remember to submit the template for public use.

Blog Updates

  1. In the "Posts2" custom element, modify the "Tags" field to use the custom field type "Blog Tags Autocomplete".
    1. If a "tags" field does not exists, you can add it into the "Posts2" custom element.
  2. Navigate to the "Blogs Manager" page and "Edit App Configuration" to open the configuration custom element form. On the "Features" tab, set the "PT Tags Integrated" select field to "True" and submit the form.
  3. On the "Blogs Manager" page, select the link for "Reset Site ADF" to have the updates take effect.