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Auto creating the blog landing page allows for an easy setup and creation of each Blog instance. The landing page will contain a listing of all the blog posts to be created when the blog is created or edited.

Follow the steps below to update the blog configuration to enable this feature.


  1. Navigate the Blogs Manager page.
    1. Select the 'Edit App Configuration' link at the top of the page.
    2. In the form, open the 'Features' tab.
    3. In the 'Blog Landing Page Template' field, select the Blog Landing Page template that was created during the installation.
  2. On the "Blogs Manager" page, select the link for "Reset Site ADF" to have the updates take effect.
  3. To generate the landing page for a blog, add or edit a blog and select the following on the "Landing Page" tab:
    1. "Create Landing Page" field set to "True".
    2. "Landing Page Name" field enter the landing page name for the blog. This field will default to "index".