PT Blog Version 4.1 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT: v4.1 of this application requires ADF 2.0 or greater (ADF 2.3.1 or greater is recommended)

We are proud to release v4.1 to the Community.

Version 4.1 is compatible with the ADF 2.x or greater and CommonSpot 10.x or greater.

If installing the PT Blog app for the first time, please follow the v4.1 Install Guide

If upgrading from a version 4.0 or earlier, please complete the v2.0 - v4.1 Upgrade Guides in order.


  • Converted all inline scripts to use CS10.x resource loading to allow late loading of jQuery

Bug Fixes

  • Removed references to Thickbox and re-exported the Blogs2 Global Custom Element
  • Resolved an issue with the Comments Ajax call that was returning an incorrect string length

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v4.0, please see the PT Blog v4.1 Change Log.