PT Blog Version 4.0 Release Notes

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We are proud to release v4.0 to the Community.

Version 4.0 is compatible with the ADF 2.0 or greater and CommonSpot 10 or greater.

If installing the PT Blog app for the first time, please follow the v4.0 Install Guide

If upgrading from a version 3.2 or earlier, please complete the v2.0 - v4.0 Upgrade Guides in order.


  • Updated to load JS and CSS using CommonSpot 10's new Resource Loader via ADF.scripts_2_0
  • Updated to use ADF.forms_2_0 new "Resource Loader" enabled formResultCallback hook
  • Converted the .cfm renderer Custom Field Types to use the new CommonSpot 10 .cfc render files
  • Updated Render Handlers to use the new CommonSpot 10 resource detection
  • Updated CMD API to calls to use the new ADF 2.0 remote CMD API calls
  • Converted the CS URL fields and link to use CS Ext URL format
  • Exported all of the updated Custom Element .zip archive files for CommonSpot 10

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed form validation logic due to changes required by jQuery

SVN Change Log

For detailed SVN repository updates for the v4.0, please see the PT Blog v4.0 Change Log.